Photo printing for Kaikoura people.
We can print your photos to 6 X 9 Gloss on our dyesub Mitsubishi printer or up to A2 on the wide format Epson 4900.
Wide format pricing is based on luster finish but printing can also be done on a wide range of paper stocks.
Cheaper stocks are available for poster printing through to eyewatering expensive cotton rags for fine art finishes.
Please enquire if you have specific requirements.

Size inchSize mmFinishPrice
6 X 4152 x 102Luster or Gloss$1.20
5 X 7126 x 177Luster or Gloss$2.00
6 X 8152 x 203Luster or Gloss$5.00
6 X 9152 x 228Luster or Gloss$5.00
8 X 10203 x 253Luster$9.00
8 X 12253 x 303Luster$9.00
A4210 x 297Luster$9.00
10 X 15254 × 381Luster$20.00
11 X 14278 x 352Luster
12 X 16303 x 405Luster$22.00
A3297 x 420Luster$24.00
12 X 18305 × 457Luster$28.00
16 X 20405 x 505Luster$30.00
16 X 24405 x 609Luster$34.00

Printing Enquiry

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