Hi there, I’m Andrew Spencer.

I guess my photo making journey began when I was around 8 years old and my Mum bought me a toy Diana camera for Christmas. This started a life-long delight for making pictures.

The photo interest ebbed and flowed over the years depending on what I was up to, but a camera was never far from reach.

Soon I learned that when I had a camera I could get close to people and learn something about them, making pictures of people was to become a favourite thing.

There is always something to learn about making pictures. I continually get myself educated on image-making techniques and trends through workshops and training courses. I experiment and I play, sometimes I even surprise myself.

I’m passionate and professional and I cherish the process of conception, creation and capture of a great image.

I love music, I love cycling in the great New Zealand outdoors, I love my kids and I love making pictures – it’s all pretty simple really!

And you know those Diana cameras have been reborn and are now a cult piece of kit!

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